Spinners (No Longer Available)



 (No Longer Available)



The Spinner is a one of a kind instrument creation straight out of a dream. Available in two versions, alto and soprano; both are in the C major scale with the alto spinner being an octave lower than the soprano. The chimes are anodized aluminum tubes. These instruments are suspended using heavyduty stainless steel ball bearing swivels to ensure continuous smooth operation. The gentle tones and spinning motion of the Spinner create an entrancing effect.


Unique and fascinating, Spinners are dynamic Xylophone instruments. Their circular motion imparts an entrancing Doppler effect waver to their sweet chime sonorities, and assures surprise in the melodies created.

Installed individually or in a stunning paired arrangement, Spinners intrigue viewers and players alike. Hang them from the eve of a building or select our curved steel stand, powdercoated in your choice of color.

Spinners are kinetic sculpture that sings!

Please note that photos of our instruments may show slight variations in the style of some instrument components.  Not all styles are available in all countries and some are custom made for specific clients.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the individual component styles available in the US.

“If you’re interested in getting 2D/3D CAD files for all our instruments, please click on the link below and you will be able to choose from a variety of formats.  You will also be able to “drag and drop” these files into any CAD design you’re working with.

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