Sunset on the Yantzee


The low notes of the Sunset on the Yantzee create a rich canvas of sound for the other melodic instruments to play over. The individual notes are made with two and a half inch aluminum bars that are resonated by three inch diameter tubes ranging from one foot to two and a half feet long. These low tones have remarkable projection for their size.  The standard color is Moss/Sage


                         Listen to the Yantzee:

Like the pedal tones of a pipe organ, like distant cathedral bells, the low mellow tones of the Sunset on the Yantzee add depth to the sound field created by the other Harmony Park instruments.

Designed specifically to provide a bass range counterpart to our alto and soprano instruments, the Sunset on the Yantzee provides the full range of harmonies contained in the C major/A minor diatonic scale.

From the Basso Continuo of the Baroque era to the walking bass lines of stride piano and twelve bar blues, bass range instruments have provided depth and harmonic structure to ensembles throughout the ages.

Please note that photos of our instruments may show slight variations in the style of some instrument components.  Not all styles are available in all countries and some are custom made for specific clients.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the individual component styles available in the US.  The standard color is Moss/Sage

“If you’re interested in getting 2D/3D CAD files for all our instruments, please click on the link below and you will be able to choose from a variety of formats.  You will also be able to “drag and drop” these files into any CAD design you’re working with.

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