Manta Ray


Manta RayThe Manta Ray has a magical sound.  It has an elegant anodized aluminum metallophone with a Powder Coated steel frame.  The individual chime tubes are suspended by a nylon coated stainless steel cable.  The chimes on the two sides are repeated and it has four mallets, making it a great instrument for two people to play together. The range is two octaves and a fifth, the scale is C major. Playing this instrument is a delight.

Mounting Options

Download Installation Guide

Download Manta Ray Sales Sheet

Download 2D/3D CAD Files


 Listen to the Manta Ray


 Click Here for Photos You Can Download

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Sculptural Collection

Sculptural Collection

Sculptural Collection – Our most sculptural instruments add an artistic flair to any outdoor space. A beautiful grouping of both resonated and non-resonated instruments, each instrument in this collection has upgraded steel posts offering a sophisticated look.

This Collection Includes:
Contrabass Chimes
Manta Ray
Lilypad Cymbals
Pagoda Bells 

Download Sculptural Collection Sales Sheet

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North Pole Music Park

Originally published by: Amanda Bohman

NORTH POLE — A unique new play area, combining music-making and outdoor play, has been installed at the Terry Miller Park this summer.

The drums, tubular bells and xylophones sit in the middle of a grassy area near the playground. 

The city purchased the equipment from a Colorado-based company and paid for it with a $25,000 grant from a private foundation. 

Several other communities in Alaska have musical parks, including Seward, Wasilla, Palmer and Juneau, according to Free Notes Harmony Park, the manufacturer of the play equipment. 

It’s the first park of its kind to be installed in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. 

”It kind of fits in with the concept we have for North Pole, making it a family-friendly community,” said Bill Butler, director of city services. 

The city mayor heard about musical parks at a conference and asked Bulter to look into it. 

Butler said it was clear early-on that the new equipment would be difficult to fund from city revenues.

Leaders turned to the Helen E. Snedden Foundation, which had helped previously with funding for an exercise trail.

Snedden owned and operated the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner with her husband, Charles Willis Snedden, for 39 years. She died in 2012, leaving about $8 million to the foundation. 

Virginia Farmier, executive director of the foundation, said the musical park is one of multiple projects in the works. Another project being supported by the foundation involves a new pavilion that is being added to the Snedden Memorial Park on Slater Drive in Fairbanks.

“She wanted to share,” Farmier said. “In her lifetime, she helped with youth projects. She wanted to be able to have more things in the community for people to enjoy.”

Ted Schmitt, logistics coordinator with Free Notes Harmony Park, said the first musical playground equipment was installed in Utah 20 years ago, and it’s still going strong.

“They have held up very well,” he said.

There are 675 musical parks in the United States and 829 worldwide, Schmitt said.

Contact staff writer Amanda Bohman at 459-7587.

Here is a video of the Manta Ray, from Breckenridge Co. ski area.

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Listen To The Instruments

Listen To The Instruments




Contrabass Chimes


Flower Collection




Lilly Pad Cymbals

Manta Ray



Pagoda Bells







Tenor Tree

Tuned Drums

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Notable Public Installations

Notable Public Installations:

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Jazz de Montréal copy

One of our newest installations is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Home of The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (English: Montreal International Jazz Festival).  Ranked as the world’s largest jazz festival by Guinness World Records, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal has been synonymous with a passion for music for over three decades. Every year, North America’s French-speaking metropolis welcomes global music fans to 10 days of jazz-centric celebration, where fans of all types of jazz-related music rub shoulders with aficionados of the genre in its purest form.

Riverwalk in New Orleans

The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk in New Orleans, LA wanted to enhance their visitor’s experience and give them something unique to enjoy and talk about so they added Freenotes Harmony Park Instruments to their property!

Read More

Imagine U Interactive Children’s Museum

A dream, 10 years of planning, a creative imagination by the community comes to reality. Here is a short video. To learn more about Imagine U Children’s Museum.  

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New Orleans City Park

New Sir Cumference Playground New Orleans City Park

City Park has a special place in the hearts of generations of New Orleanians and is a must visit for visitors to the city.

 Read More

North Pole Music Park

North Pole Music Park

A unique new play area, combining music-making and outdoor play, has been installed at the Terry Miller Park this summer.  Several other communities in Alaska have musical parks, including Seward, Wasilla, Palmer and Juneau.

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Jeff Healey Park

Jeff Healy Park -Toronto

Jeff Healey Park in Toronto, Ontario Canada is named to commemorate jazz and blues great Jeff Healey, the legendary blind Guitarist.

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Chloe’s Sunshine Playground

Chloe’s Sunshine Playground, Utah

For the last six years, a local mother has been raising funds and working with the city of Syracuse, Utah to get an accessible park so children with disabilities, like her daughter, will have somewhere to play, and Saturday marked that playground’s grand opening. Read More

Lohas Park Hong Kong

TKO Residential Hong Kong Swirl

“HEMERA” Lohas Park Phase III is a new developing residential area, in Hong Kong.  The project is a joint effort with the largest developer in Hong Kong, along with the owner of the Mass Transit Railway(MTR).

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Crossing Abilities All Inclusive Playground

Crossing Abilities all inclusive playground, Is located at Mountain View Park, on Sullivan Trail

A safe and accessible outdoor playground that fosters imaginative play and developmental learning. This will enhance the quality of life of children with disabilities through fitness and socialization. At this playground, differences disappear and children share experiences with their peers while exploring equipment and learning at their own level.

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Buffalo, Minn. Music Trail

Buffalo, Minn. Music Trail

It winds along the lake in Buffalo, taking people from one musical instrument to another. It’s a place to stop and take in the sights and sounds along a brand new music trail.

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Heinzerling Foundation’s Outdoor Sensory Garden

Music and fountains help Heinzerling Foundation’s residents, enjoy the new sensory garden.

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Roanoke Virginia Accessible Park at Countryside

Roanoke Virginia Accessible Park at Countryside

Roanoke’s Newest Park at Countryside, is a fully accessible playground, running trail and musical trail adds a multi-sensory experience with Freenotes outdoor musical instruments.

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Crested Butte Resort and ski area

Trail Head Children’s Museum: Crested Butte, Colorado.  The hills are alive with the sound of music, thanks to a brand new public installation by the Trailhead Children’s Museum.

On Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 The Trailhead Children’s Museum, unveiled their newest exhibit, the outdoor Musical Instrument Garden. Located outside the current Trailhead facility in the base area of Mt. Crested Butte, the Garden includes five permanent outdoor musical instruments made by the company Free Notes Harmony Parks, with a weather station, weaving station and outdoor garden underway. The Board of Directors has graciously made the exhibit open to the public with a suggested donation for those not entering the Museum.

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City of Sedona

“Music Lives Here” is an inscription chiseled into the sandstone rock next to a brand new grouping of Harmony Park instruments. A bold installation by the city of Sedona, Ariz., these outdoor instruments is permanently placed on Main Street at the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center to boost its public art initiative.

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Maple Grove Rotary Club Builds a Community Music Park at Town Green

Sounds of spontaneous creativity can be heard in the new Maple Grove Rotary Music Park. Nestled in at Town Green near the library and outdoor amphitheater, this new music park provides a place to meander, relax and create music. The music park includes six specially made, weather resistant instruments laid out to create complimentary tones. These permanent instruments are accessible to would-be musicians of any age and require no special skill to play. There are no sour notes, only the sweet sounds of families and friends, young and old, a community making music together. The idea to build a musical park came out of the Maple Grove Rotary Club’s 2009 five-year visioning plan.


Millstone Creek

Millstone Creek: Columbus, Ohio. “The first time I heard Freenotes instruments being played, I was blown away by their sound quality.  They are beautiful instruments that make beautiful sounds.  And the best part is they have been designed to withstand the heavy use and weather conditions of being outdoors.  They have even figured out how to ensure that no one walks away with the mallets,” says Mara Kaplan of Accessible Playgrounds. “I am very impressed with Freenotes’ commitment to ensuring that people with disabilities have an opportunity to experience the thrill of making music, but also the respectful and well-researched way they discuss different disabilities.”

Read a local article on the park

Florida Botanical Gardens

Instruments were placed on loan at the Botanical Gardens in Key West, Florida for a sculpture exhibition. The Garden’s Education Department learned the instruments were about to be removed so they had an emergency fundraising effort to make the installations permanent. After a week of public donations and funds from the Education Department, the instruments now call Key West home.

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Discovery Playground: Auburn's Les Gove Park in Auburn, Washington.
Discovery Playground

Discovery Playground: Auburn’s Les Gove Park in Auburn, Washington.

Often, children with disabilities are left to sit and watch their able-bodied friends and siblings play. Instead, imagine all children playing side-by-side in a fully accessible and sensory-rich playground environment. That is the vision for Auburn’s barrier-free playground. Barrier-free playgrounds delight children of all abilities while providing a place where compassion and acceptance flourish. The sensory garden is an integrated system of spaces devoted to the five senses: see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

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Jackson Park

Jackson Park: Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club of Minnesota
Jackson Park: Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club of Minnesota earned a Rotary International Significant Achievement Award for their installation of Freenotes.

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Village at  Winter Park Resort

interactive outdoor musical instruments in the Village at Winter Park Resort

The Manta Ray is just one of 5 new interactive outdoor musical instruments in the Village at Winter Park Resort

Holton-Arms School Bethesda, Maryland


A total of 12 instruments is in an elliptical arrangement ranging five octaves from contrabass
to soprano in both pentatonic and diatonic scales.

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Adventure Island, Eagle, Idaho Tuned Drums

Imagine a playground where children search for hidden artifacts in an archaeological dig, conduct a symphony, or launch to the moon in a spaceship.  Now imagine that all children can experience that kind of fun no matter what their ability level. Also imagine that children in wheelchairs or those with sensory, visual or cognitive disabilities can play side-by-side with their able-bodied peers.That’s Adventure Island, a universally accessible playground in Settler’s Park, Meridian Idaho.

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Morgan’s Wonderland
, TX

Morgans Wonderland

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of Boston, MA. Will change the lives of Boston’s inner-city families for generations to come. At the Kroc Center children will play. Learners will discover. Families will come together. The Kroc Center will bring hope and new life to a community in need and a vision for the next generations.

Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah

Young man enjoys playing on a Freenote Instrument at Liberty Park.
Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, this seven instrument installation is part of a wheelchair accessible Rotary Playpark that was dedicated at an opening ceremony during the 2002 Winter Olympics and used as a torch stop for the Para-Olympic procession.


Musical Playground, Rotary Park, Moab, Utah

Rotary_Playground_NewThe original Harmony Park™ musical playground was developed and installed in Moab, Utah’s Rotary Park, in 1995. New instruments have been added to this playground in several phases and have consistently delivered musical fun and recreation to the Moab community and its visitors from around the world for many years.

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Harbin China Sculpture Park

 Harbin China Sculpture Park     Harbin Sun Island China

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Installation Guides / Product Sheets

“If you’re interested in getting 2D/3D CAD files for all our instruments, please click on the link below and you will be able to choose from a variety of formats. You will also be able to “drag and drop” these files into any CAD design you’re working with.


2D/3D CAD Files on CADdetails Website

Installation Guides & Product Sheets

Flower Installation and Product Sheet

Harp Installation and Product Sheet

Serenade Installation and Product Sheet

Aria Installation and Product Sheet

Cadence Installation and Product Sheet

Contrabass Chimes Installation and Product Sheet

Duet Installation and Product Sheet

Imbarimba Installation and Product Sheet

Griffin Installation and Product Sheet

Lilly Pad Cymbals Installation and Product Sheet

Manta Ray Installation and Product Sheet

Melody Installation and Product Sheet

Merry Installation and Product Sheet

Pagoda Bells Installation and Product Sheet

Pegasus Installation and Product Sheet

Piper Installation and Product Sheet

Rhythm Installation and Product Sheet

Swirl Installation and Product Sheet

Tenor Tree Installation Guide

Tuned Drums Installation and Product Sheet 

Yantzee Install & Product Sheet


Collection Recommended Layouts

Starter Collection Recommended Layout

Deluxe Collection Recommended Layout

Premium Collection Recommended Layout

Sculptural Collection Recommended Layout

Weenotes Collection Recommended Layout

























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Dowling Elementary finishes phase 2 of accessible playground

The actual work on the playground was divided into three phases. Phase 1 is complete. It included Harmony Park, where outdoor instruments are available for the kids to perform on. It also provided swings and rear course pavement. Read More

Freenotes Harmony Park is as a “Colorado Companies to Watch”

Colorado Companies to WatchFreenotes Harmony Park joins a select group of Colorado companies recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch. This selection acknowledges the company’s hard work and success represented by the creation of jobs, revenue growth, expanding into a larger facility and the company’s contribution to business development in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second-stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado. The year-long program is hosted by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and the Edward Lowe Foundation.Our business demonstrated fast and high revenue growth with evidence of sustainable growth. Making music fun, easy and accessible to the public is visionary. Making the instruments durable enough to withstand rigorous use and the natural elements makes them truly inspirational and influential in motivating people to pursue playing music. The product innovation is far beyond other outdoor instruments. All instruments play together allowing for group play thus building and enriching communities. We are the next generation of outdoor musical products. Because our outdoor instruments really allow people to express themselves musically, Freenotes Harmony Park is the industry leader worldwide giving us a sustainable competitive advantage.”We started commercializing this company three years ago with a belief in our products becoming a national brand. I am pleased that the contribution of all of our employees has resulted in being awarded a Colorado Companies to Watch,” states Erich Bussian, CEO.Durable acoustical designs created by Grammy Award-winning musician, Richard Cooke, expand the possibilities of creative sensory play in outdoor environments. Universal in nature these real musical instruments allow physically or mentally challenged people to play alongside healthy ones. They are perfectly tuned and allow both musicians and non-musicians to have a satisfying experience of playing music from the very first note.Colorado Companies to Watch ( is a unique statewide awards program recognizing growing companies that fuel the economic fire of the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado. The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade launched the program in 2009 in conjunction with the Edward Lowe Foundation, and valuable sponsors, key drivers, community and supporting partners, as well as volunteers from across Colorado.


Weenotes Are Here
WeenotesInstantly you get it – the power these instruments have to unlock creative expressive play through music. These new instruments play together and any combination of notes are pleasing. The Weenotes package is also new this year offering a price incentive with preset colors in desert tones of Sage, Deep Purple, and Hazel Nut.These compact instruments are the toughest we have ever built with aluminum resonators replacing the previous ABS designs. The side edges are sheathed in aluminum as well making them virtually indestructible. They occupy less space and they require less budget too, making them attractive on many levels. Stands come in two sizes either standard or preschool. Surprisingly delightful, these interactive art sculptures work as educational tools to challenge the imagination by stimulating creativity. Freenotes instruments make it possible for everyone to create beautiful music. Piper – This is an eleven note resonated xylophone with fiberglass bars. Evolved from a classic Freenotes design the fiberglass bars provide a contrast in tone to the other two instruments made of aluminum. It’s a great instrument to play improvisational rhythms. The standard color is Hazel Nut.

Grif_20130328IMG_0231Griffin – This is an eleven note resonated metallophone with natural anodized aluminum chimes. The warm tones linger for 3-5 seconds. It’s like finger painting with sound. The standard color is Sage.



Merry_20130328IMG_0237Merry – This is an eleven note resonated metallophone with the bright melody in its lyrical voice. This instrument is patterned after one of our original bestselling members of the Freenotes family. The standard color is Deep Purple


Weenotes are coming!
WeenotesThese half-size instruments are some of the toughest we have ever built.  They occupy less space and they cost less too.  Instrument stands are available in 2 sizes, Standard and Preschool.  Over the coming week, we will be posting detailed info on our website, in the “Products” drop down.
In the meantime, here is a peek!



New Catalogs – shipping now


Freenotes Harmony Park just selected as a 2013 “Colorado Company To Watch”
Congratulations, Freenotes Harmony Park, Inc.!
You are a Colorado Companies to Watch winner!

We are thrilled to announce, that Freenotes Harmony Park was just selected as a 2013 “Colorado Company To Watch”. The official winners will not be posted on the “Companies To Watch” website until later this summer.  However, we wanted to share this exciting news, as soon as we found out.  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you, to our customers, distributors, and supporters.


New Distributors outside the US

We are very pleased to announce several new Distributor locations outside of North America.  Any of the companies below would be happy to work with you on your Harmony Park Instrument project implementation and installation.

Australia – Playscape Creations

Chili – Urban Play

Israel – GilGal Ltd.

India – Green Build Infra

New Zeland – Playcape Creations

Singapore – RetroMax Pte Ltd.


You can find more information on them and many others on our Distributor locater.



I Drum Therefore I Am…
…Intelligent: Drumming is found to improve concentration and focus. Also, studies reveal that playing percussion instruments strengthen children’s math and literacy skills.…Physically and Mentally Active: Drumming increases your heart rate and blood flow. It also stimulates the left and right side of the brain simultaneously.…Connected to
the Earth:
“Drumming directly links humans with the vibration of the Earth by slowing the brain waves to around 8 cycles per second, the same frequency as the planet” (Feathers, 1995).PublicInstallationsThumb2


Crested Butte Resort and ski area

Crested Butte Resort-music-garden-ribbon-cutting   Trail Head Children’s Museum unveils a hands-on musical experience:

The hills are alive with the sound of music, thanks to a brand new public installation by the Trailhead Children’s Museum.  On Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 The Trailhead Children’s Museum, unveiled their newest exhibit, the outdoor Musical Instrument Garden. Located outside the current Trailhead facility in the base area of Mt. Crested Butte, the Garden includes five permanent outdoor musical instruments made by the company Free Notes Harmony Parks, with a weather station, weaving station and outdoor garden underway. The Board of Directors has graciously made the exhibit open to the public with a suggested donation for those not entering the Museum.


Bright Horizons Centers
      Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Musical Instruments are being installed in 7 Bright Horizons Centers in Atlanta, Santa Monica, Austin, Chicago, Berkley, Cary, NC, and Massachusetts. Beautiful Music made Simple.


Start Here

Our new video “Start Here”  will give you an overview of Freenotes Harmony Park.


Instrument locations – World Map


View Larger Map


Music Lives Here
Sedona Visitors Center“I’d been looking for something here to enhance our visitors’ experience, so I said absolutely yes,” to Freenotes


Bi-Monthly Newsletter
Feb_New_FHPStay inspired by the creative world of Freenotes Harmony Park by signing up for the electronic newsletter. Our next issue will be released on April 17th. Be a part of this beautiful community by signing up today! To subscribe click


Sales – Tools, Training, and Presentations
A key factor in selling people on Freenotes Harmony Park instruments is knowing how to talk about them. So, we have developed and want to make available to you our sales kit.  Webinar training and sales presentation, aimed at informing key decision makers. These unique tools, along with our website, ensure all questions can be answered 24/7.


Improved Drum Caps
new drum caps  Our drum caps are no longer painted!  A new process permeates the color throughout the cap – no more chips or scratches.


Imagination Station – Randolph, Massachusetts

Congratulations to Premier Park & Play
imagination_station_rudolph_mass_thAfter two years of planning, the town of Randolph now has a new playground at Imagination Station.


PACE Grand Opening

The Town of Parker, Colorado is committed to its public art program demonstrated by the Grand opening of PACE.


New Brochure for 2012
Freenotes Harmony Park has released its 2012 Product Brochure and it’s not just for playgrounds!


Product Improvements
Mallet Redesign The new mallet system replaces the previously swaged loop at the end of the mallet handle with an attachment housed within the mallet handle itself.


F.H.P. the featured business of the month for SWCO SBA
Girl playing freenotesFreenotes Harmony Park is the featured business of the month in the SBA  Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center Newsletter.Below is a reprint of the article:

Read more…


Prince Philip Playground Committee Gets Boost
( / CSR News) –

March 09, 2011

Yesterday, PotashCorp announced a $140,000 donation to the Prince Philip Playground Committee to complete the fundraising efforts of the local committee to build a new wheelchair accessible, sensory-stimulating playground at Prince Philip School.

To recognize PotashCorp’s gift, the playground has been officially named “PotashCorp Playground.”

“Recreational spaces and programs play an important role in building strong and healthy communities,” said Bill Doyle, President, and CEO of PotashCorp. “The new PotashCorp Playground at Prince Phillip School will be a one of a kind play area for families and children of all ages and abilities to enjoy.”


Jackson Square Park playground

UPDATE – 5/28/11  Jackson Square Park has Won the “Rotary International Significant Achievement Award”.  Last week we heard the great news!  We were one of 143 Rotary Club Projects in the World to earn this special award!


gt;, 2010
By Richard Parrish

Contractors worked in “harmony” to build a playground project. Local construction companies also collaborated with the Rotary Club and the Park Board. On-site planning helped recruit other contractors and provided several workers.


Boundless Playground in Shreveport, LA
Boundless Playground in Shreveport, LA #1Boundless Playgrounds can be found in 21 states and in Ontario. By year’s end, 11 more are scheduled to open inMichigan, along with others in Shreveport, Louisiana, Kingsport, Tennessee, and Hartford and West Hartford, Connecticut. Dozens more are in development.


Discovery Playground at Auburn’s Les Gove Park
jgdfjfgjTaken from the Auburn Reporter – Jun 24, 2010

City and community leaders officially will open Discovery Playground, Auburn’s innovative state-of-the-art barrier-free area, in a special ceremony at 10 a.m. Friday, part of the Parks, Arts & Recreation’s annual KidsDay festivities at Les Gove Park, 1005 12th St. SE, Auburn, WA.  The 32,000-square-foot playground and sensory garden are the result of a large-scale $300,000 community fundraising effort.


Making music together (The Recreation Landscape)

The following article is extracted from “The Recreation Landscape – Summer 2010 – Issue Nine”, the newsletter of General Recreation, Inc.


Henrico wins national award for Harmony Park
Clerk, Board of Supervisors
PHONE:   501-4318
July 7, 2010Henrico wins national award for Harmony ParkHenrico County has received an Achievement awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo) for their Harmony Park outdoor musical classroom – Virginia’s first – located at Colonial Trail Elementary School, featuring weatherproof instruments from Freenotes.


Freenotes Extends European Presence with the signing of Portuguese Distributor Play Planet
  play planet team.jpgFreenotes announces the signing of a distribution agreement for the Portuguese market.


Congratulations Horninglow Primary School
freechimes2.jpgPrimary School win Freenotes Harmony Park instruments in Prize Draw


Freenotes Shortlisted for ERA Award
ERA Finalist

Harmony Park Freenotes  shortlisted for
Supplier of the Year ERA Award


Bring Music to your Playground in 2010
Freenotes Outdoor Musical InstrumentsWhy Freenotes make ideal outdoor play equipment

Read more…


Back to school with a bang!

Why not enjoy Freenotes in 
your playground this term


Pro-Urba exhibit Freenotes in the Jardin des Tuileries Louvres

Freenotes are exhibited in Paris


Freenotes change Alan Titchmarsh’s view on Chimes


Freenotes feature in Courtyard Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show


Freenotes arrive in Spain
pegasus (spain).jpg


Dunannie School opens new Outdoor Sound Garden

Read more…


Freenotes’ Paris Debut
paris-flying amadinda.jpg


NEW Freenotes from Fahr Musical Panels
Freenotes from Fahr


Freenotes enter Europe
freenotes europe flag.png


Striking the right note
Teaching music is about so much more than learning to play an instrument. Recent research carried out by Freenotes confirms the general belief that there is a direct link between better music teaching and a step-change in how our children could and should be developing. Freenotes Harmony Park explains how outdoor musical instruments can provide a way of interacting through spontaneous creative expression.pegasus_rk-1.jpg


Special Needs London 2008

ed show - child.jpg


See us at TES Education 2008 – Stand D58
tubano drums - heads only (purple)lr.jpg


Freenotes join the gold rush!
Spurred on by Team GB – Freenotes have themselves struck gold by winning the Gold Stand Merit Award at IOG Saltex on our very first year of exhibiting.
jody saltex.jpg

Read more…


Glastonbury – The Piccys
flying amadinda - glastonbury 08.jpg


Glastonbury – Freenotes in the kidzfield!
Freenotes will be making their own sweet music at Glastonbury this year.amadinda (above) - glastonbury 08.jpg


Freenotes – Ideal Home Show 2008
Its the final week of the show – come and play!dsc00479.jpg


Freenotes at the Ideal Home Show
Come and see Freenotes Harmony Park for yourself at Britain’s biggest annual event for the home and garden!lady pegasus.jpg


Early Years & Primary Teaching Show
April 18th & 19th Manchester Centraldsc01605.jpg


Freenotes on Teachers TV
Teacher TV visits Freenotes Harmony Park at The Education Showteachers tv 2.jpg


Official Freenotes Launch
Freenotes Harmony Park makes some noise at The Education Show!ed show.jpg


Great feedback from youTube!
After making videos to show off the instruments, the youTube community responded with quick feedback!eye chimes (17).jpg


Jammin’ on the Flying Amadinda!
A group of kids at a recent Freenotes Harmony Park gathering at Rake School, Liss showed off their rhythmic skills together on the Flying Amadinda. Read more to see and hear them in action.
manta ray (2lr).jpg


Freenotes Europe Launch 2008
Freenotes will be launched at The Education Show NEC Birmingham 28th Feb – 1 March Stand E54. Come and hear them for yourself!child - pegasus.jpg
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