Outdoor Musical Instrument Garden

It’s Time to Make Music!

Open to the public every day, 9AM to 6PM

The hills are alive with the sound of music thanks to a brand new public installation by the Trailhead Children’s Museum.  On Wednesday, December 5, The Trailhead unveiled their newest exhibit, the outdoor Musical Instrument Garden. Located outside the current Trailhead facility in the base area of Mt. Crested Butte, the Garden includes five permanent outdoor musical instruments made by the company Free Notes Harmony Parks, with a weather station, weaving station and outdoor garden underway. The Board of Directors has graciously made the exhibit open to the public with a suggested donation for those not entering the Museum.

Mt Crested Butte musical garden for kids is open

The Trailhead Children’s Museum Unveils a Hands-on Musical Experience to Inspire a Love of Music for All Ages

“We believe that something as multi-generational as music should be for everyone,” said Martha Clarkson, the Trailhead’s new Executive Director. “We anticipate people of all ages, interests and backgrounds will enjoy participating in the Music Garden and the Trailhead is excited to offer an exhibit that will touch so many individuals in the community.”

The exhibit is the result of a $55,000 fundraising campaign that the Board of Directors and staff executed over the course of the summer. The campaign, which raised funds for over 1,000 square feet of outdoor educational exhibit space, also included the Trailhead Tree House located at the base of the ski mountain.

“We are very grateful for our community partners, The Town of Mt. Crested Butte Downtown Development Authority, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, and the Town Center Community Association, that helped in a big way to get this project out of the gate,” said Katie Mueller, Development Director. “Their help, combined with numerous community supporters, grant makers, and countless donors, provided an opportunity to incorporate music and pretend play into our everyday outdoor experiences here in Crested Butte.”

All donors are commemorated in the Musical Garden through a whimsical oversized Adirondack chair provided by Red Mountain Log Works. Additionally various instruments have been named and dedicated to individuals with a passion for music.

“Music has numerous educational and social benefits for people of all ages,” said Board President, Andrew Hadley. “We’re so lucky to have creative individuals on board, such as Kelly Frimel, to help bring these types of educational experiences to life in the community. Music brings so much emotional pleasure and happiness to people and we hope this exhibit does just that.”

The Trailhead’s Musical Instrument Garden is open to the public seven days a week from the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Regular Museum hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Thank you to those who made The Trailhead Treehouse and Musical Instrument Garden exhibits possible!


$5000+ Donors

Town of Mt. Crested Butte Downtown Development Authority; Mt. Crested Butte Town Center Community Association; Crested Butte Mountain Resort; The Clarke Family Foundation; Tim and Diane Mueller; Ken and Marsha Caratelli; The Crested Butte Music Festival

$1000+ Donors

Nina Kingsdale; John and Jane McAllister; Thomas E. Biery; Mountain Colors Paint & Design; Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley; Crested Butte Rotary Club; Free Notes Harmony Parks; Red Mountain Log Works; Beckwith Builders; Green Robin Builders; Paul O’Connor; Andrew Hadley Architect

$50+ Donors

High Country Capital Management; Eric and Luisa Naughton, Katie and Ethan Mueller, Mary and Kirk Haskell; Meghan Dougherty; Boyd and Sharalee Pederson; Gwen des Cognets; Electrical Logic, Tammie and Andrew Gitin; Marj and David O’Reilly; Scott and Martha Clarkson; Allen and Judy Cox; Justin and Erica Reiter; Andrew and Suzanne Hadley; Fred and Amy Sandusky; Renick Wood Floors; Gary and Elizabeth Keiser; Don Haver; Alex and Melissa Fenlon; Anthony and Randi Stroh; Scot and Kara Miller; Crested Butte Electrical; Green Way Pro; Alpine Lumber; Todd Robinson; Trophies Unlimited

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