Dynamic Local Company Establishes Bold Growth Plan for 2012


DURANGO, COLO. (August 31, 2011)  Freenotes Harmony Park, Inc., maker of high quality outdoor musical instruments for the masses, entered 2011 as a successful, 15-year old business. The company will exit 2011 with 25 national distributors in North America, 100-percent growth in sales over 2010, and plans on track to double sales again by the end of 2012.

The demand for our instruments has consistently grown over our 15 years in business and weíve managed it primarily through working longer hours, said Christy Cooke, President of Freenotes Harmony Park (FHP).  We hit a critical point in 2009.  Our success was overwhelming our small team and we were at a decision point: either get out of the business or put the foundations in place to implement a sustainable growth plan. We chose the latter.

The first order of business was to solidify the companies local presence.  Cooke, and her husband, Richard Cooke, founder of the original Freenotes company, restructured their organization to: establish profit-sharing programs for key employees, to finance suitable production facilities Durango, Colorado, and to focus on expanding their human resources by creating new jobs in both labor and management.  With a solid team in place, FHP moved forward with an aggressive expansion plan.

Central to that plan is an entirely new business model of selling wholesale to distributors (wherein FHP previously sold direct to consumer).  FHP has attracted over 50 distributors, all representing complementary brands, to effectively serve all of North America.  FHP is building training and marketing programs to fully support the distributor base.

A stronghold in the parks and municipal open space sectors since 1997, FHP is ramping up marketing efforts to open new markets.  FHP will initially focus on the consistently strong sectors of industrial, commercial and private landscape.  In addition to launching a new website, revamping marketing collateral and adding targeted value elements, such as 3-D CAD renderings for landscape architects, FHP will exhibit at the annual EXPO for the American Society of Landscape Architects, the largest trade group and trade show of its kind.  FHP will also show at the annual Congress of the National Recreation and Park Association.

For more information on Freenotes Harmony Park: https://freenotesharmonypark.com/.

About Freenotes Harmony Park:

Based in Durango, Colorado, Freenotes Harmony Park makes outdoor musical instruments that deliver superior sound quality.  Grammy award-winning designer, Richard Cooke, created Freenotes to ensure musical success for all players.  For over 15 years, Freenotes instruments have provided gratifying musical experiences in public and private spaces around the world, because each instrument is designed for perpetually perfect pitch.  A staple in playgrounds for encouraging creative tactile play, Freenotes instruments are now highly sought for a wide variety of outdoor settings ñ from the relaxed to the most sophisticated.  As engaging pieces of interactive art, they encourage a full sensory experience.  Constructed for both flawless tune and durability, Freenotes instruments have earned a respected heritage for their musicality and their longevity.

Playing music transcends all boundaries of age, ethnicity, gender and physicality.

Because with Freenotes, everyone can play.

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