The Healing Power of Music
by Simon Heather
listed in sound and music, originally published in issue 153 – December 2008

Why is Music Healing?
One of the reasons why listening to music is so healing for us is due to the power of musical
intervals. A musical interval is created when one note is played with another note. The interval
can be created by playing two notes together, or one after the other. When two notes are played
together the interval has a stronger effect on us.

The frequencies of the two notes of the interval create a mathematical ratio that affects the body in different ways. When we listen to all the intervals in the musical scale it is profoundly healing for our body and our mind.

Pythagoras discovered that the ratios of the musical intervals were found in nature, the planets
and constellations. He believed that the musical intervals reflected the natural order of the
heavens and nature. Listening to music purified the soul, restoring the vitality of the body,
calming the mind and emotions.

Recent research has shown that bird song and whale song contain musical intervals. The ratios of the musical intervals are also found in crop circle formations.

Researchers have discovered that musical intervals exert a profound effect on man’s pulse and
respiration. Fabien Maman found that playing musical intervals to cancer cells actually destroyed these cells in his experiments (see below).

At the College of Sound Healing we teach sound healers how to use the musical intervals for
healing. People receiving the musical intervals in a healing session generally report that they feel an improvement in their health and well being.

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