Reprint From :    COBIZMAG.COM | COLORADOBIZ | JUNE 2013
Freenotes Harmony Park Inc.
Since 2010 Freenotes Harmony Park has manufactured durable outdoor musical instruments out of Durango that are permanently installed in the ground for parks, schools and playgrounds.
Owners Richard and Christy Cooke experienced a revenue increase of 36 percent in 2012 and Freenotes projected to increase 32 percent this year.
Work Force: 
Freenotes expects to have
nine full-time and five part-time employees this year.
Pivotal Moment:
The company switched from direct to wholesale sales through an international network of distributors, which helped it create a national brand for the products and a wider reach among industries in Europe, Canada, Australia, Chile, Israel and Singapore.
Tech Edge:
Richard Cooke, Christy Cooke’s husband and the company designer, created durable acoustical designs for
outdoor environments. Freenotes instruments are tuned, wheelchair accessible and designed for any age, gender, ethnicity and physicality. For architects and site planners, the company’s website has state-of-the-art 3D CAD drawings available in nine formats to facilitate a drag and drop function.
Community Involvement:
Freenotes strives to be a green manufacture, so it looks for local suppliers first for all goods and services.
Reprint From :    COBIZMAG.COM | COLORADOBIZ | JUNE 2013
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