Written Testimonials:

A year ago as we prepared to install seven Freenotes Instruments into Jackson Square Park in Minneapolis, MN, we were nervous about how these instruments would be accepted into this inner-city neighborhood. I’m happy to report that the instruments remain fully functional after a year of service. Their sound continues to be beautiful. – Doug Schmitt, local Rotarian and committee member for the Jackson Square Park revival, winner of Rotary International Significant Achievement Award 2011.

Without question, the best resource I have ever seen for nurturing the musician in every child are Harmony Park outdoor instruments and playgrounds by Freenotes.  The instruments are designed by Richard Cooke who feels that everyone can and should be a musician, even without formal training.  – Patricia Jones, Teacher Support Force

One of the best things about these instruments is that they provide all ages and abilities an opportunity to interact through spontaneous creative expression –Jeannene Bragg, PACE Center’s Cultural Director.

I get more positive comments about the musical playground than anything. People actually pick up the phone – after a trip to Moab – to tell me, ‘That was the greatest thing we have ever seen in a park. We loved it. We want a musical playground for our community.’ People, from all ages, usually have a big smile on their face when they play the instruments. Here we are in Moab, surrounded by gorgeous National Parks, and we have visitors telling other visitors that they must go to Rotary Park and play the instruments. – David Olsen, Moab community development director.

I was in Moab this weekend and stumbled upon the musical instruments in the Rotary Park. I was so elated to see the Freenotes, they are beautiful and it is so exciting to see the people flock to them to play –Nattana Johnson – Monument Graphics & Communications

I certainly like the soothing tones of these instruments. For some reason, the sounds that it produces always makes me think of a tropical setting with a waterfall in the background –David Wragg

Our guests are still loving the Freenotes.  –Nancy Bjerken, Village Manager, Winter Park Resort.

What we play is life ! – Louis Armstrong


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