Buffalo Lake Musical Instrument Trail

Here are some new pictures of the Buffalo Lake Musical Instrument Trail.  It was dedicated on July 9 of 2015.

The Buffalo Rotary Club was a big contributor to the musical instrument trail.

Some of the other instruments along the trail:


If you are in the area of Buffalo, MN and Sturgis Park, please stop by and enjoy this installation.
I was amazed and mesmerized. Here was this instrument overlooking the lake. The wind was blowing on this particular morning and I picked up the mallets and started playing the instrument. “Playing” might be overly generous because I had no clue what I was doing. But the instrument was gracious, making beautiful sounds.  What incredible music to my soul! “”There was something powerful in looking over the water, feeling the breezes, and enjoying the sounds from these instruments. It touched a place inside me spiritually.

A quote from a person who recently discovered the Instrument Trail:

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