Fundraiser Help

Freenotes Harmony Park would like to help you raise funds to create a music park for your community, school, etc.

We have distributors all over the world to assist you with this process as well. Many of our distributors have a sample instrument that can be borrowed for your fundraising events. We have found that when you have an instrument present for everyone to try it is the most effective way to get those donations. If you are in need of an instrument for a fund-raising event please have your distributor request one from us. We will be happy to ship an instrument on a portable stand to you for your fundraiser event. We will need payment to cover the shipping costs prior to shipping. If enough funds are acquired to purchase the loaner equipment then you can make payment to us at that time. If not, then we will provide shipping information to cover the cost of sending the instrument back to us. We are happy to assist with instrument selection and placement as well.

Good Luck with your fundraising, we hope you will soon be the lucky owners of a Freenotes Harmony Park ensemble of instruments for everyone to enjoy.

Check out this link for additional fundraising help/ideas.


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