2015 Yantzee big editedThe low notes of the Yantzee – (Yank-zee) create a rich canvas of sound for the other melodic instruments to play over. The individual notes are made with two and a half inch aluminum bars that are resonated by three-inch diameter tubes ranging from one foot to two and a half feet long. These low tones have remarkable projection like a Gong.  Color is Blue

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Please note that photos of our instruments may show slight variations in the style of some instrument components.

Designed specifically to provide a bass range counterpart to our alto and soprano instruments, the Yantzee provides the full range of harmonies contained in the C major/A minor diatonic scale.

Like the pedal tones of a pipe organ, like distant cathedral bells, the low mellow tones of the Yantzee add depth to the sound field created by the other Harmony Park instruments.
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