Freenotes Collections Save You Time and Money

Our four different Collections of instruments facilitate the decision-making process and pass along cost savings to you.  By considering your budget and the amount of space you have for the installation, we can save you time and money by offering a three, four and five instrument grouping.  Part of the cost savings is created by offering stock colors for the painted instruments.

We can now inventory these products and ship them to you more quickly.  The beauty of Freenotes is that all instruments play together. This is what distinguishes our products from other outdoor musical instruments.  Freenotes are a collection of real instruments that make real music for untrained musicians by way of their unique tuning.

Drawing upon years of experience with music theory and an analytical mind, Grammy Award-winning musician Richard Cooke created this unique variety of instruments that ensure musical success from the very first note. No other system of musical instruments offers this opportunity, especially to a novice.


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