“If you’re interested in getting 2D/3D CAD files for all our instruments, please click on the link below and you will be able to choose from a variety of formats. You will also be able to “drag and drop” these files into any CAD design you’re working with.


2D/3D CAD files on CADdetails website


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Instrument Maintenance
Maintenance is fairly simple. Occasional inspection of the instrument (once per month and/or once per quarter based on use) should be conducted. Suggested items to look for would be:
1-   Fraying of the cables that are used to lace the bars on our instruments together (if need be we can   ship out “re-lacing” kits to repair).
2-   Instruments are still sturdy on holsters and holsters are still secured tightly to posts in the ground.
3-   Mallets are still usable and cables attached to mallets are not frayed (if need be, we can ship out  extra mallets w/ cables attached).
Cleaning the instrument is basic: soap and water could be used to clean the instruments.  Drying the instrument after cleaning is an option but not necessary as all FHP instruments are designed to withstand the elements.
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