Below you will find links to our Playtivities lesson plans:

After extensive free exploration of the instruments by kids, which we’ve observed can occur for hours, the Playtivities offer some suggestions to further exploration by offering some guidelines to stimulate creativity. The Playtivities include activities that result in the kids acquiring a vocabulary for expressing themselves beyond self-led exploration.

The goals of all these exercises in improvisation are to:

– discover a greater awareness of the instruments
– develop listening and musical skills, and
– further social sensitivities in the players while having fun doing it.

The musical skills developed include:

 – listening being paramount
– awareness of high/low pitch
– rhythm, melody (thorough sing and play)
– steady beat and articulations
– interaction/improvisation.

The social sensitivities furthered are:

 – expressing one’s feelings
– creating imagery (animal, color, weather)
– cooperation (conversations: call & response/question & answer, echo)
– assertiveness/self-confidence (solo or accompany)
– taking risks, accepting responsibility
– patience (taking turns), sharing
– appreciating what others play/do

Perhaps the most important understanding that can be conveyed is that of not critically judging oneself or their peers. This is inherently possible with the Freenotes instruments since everything sounds nice from the very first note. 

Playtivities lesson plans: 


Lesson Plan – Let’s Talk

Lesson Plan – Listen to Your Heart

Lesson Plan – It’s All In a Name

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